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Day 5: Brownies, Clean Sneakers, and Crafts

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 5: December 7, 2017

Last day of this fall’s 10-minute how-to-shows for MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production.

Hungry? Taiylor Jordan demonstrates her take on brownies in Baking with Taiylor.

Got dirty sneakers? Brandon Griffin shows you how to make them look like new in Clean Your Sneakers.

Need some inexpensive and easy crafts for your kids? Courtney Rutledge shows a simple craft in Kraftz 4 Kidz.

Show: Baking with Taiylor
Producer/Host: Taiylor Jordan
Director: Chelsea Crain
Set Designer: Taylor Palacios

Show: Clean Your Sneakers
Producer/Host: Brandon Griffin
Director: Joseph Gennusa
Set Designer: Kayla Kettrick

Show: Kraftz 4 Kidz
Producer/Host: Courtney Rutledge
Director: Emily Sparks
Set Designer: Kayla Turner


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Day 4: Fitness, Blankets, and Baking

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 4 – December 5, 2017

Just in time for the holidays, Nick Mayfield demonstrates some easy exercises in Fitness on the Go. You know you’ll need these after all of those holiday parties.

Rachel Jost demonstrates how to make quick tie blankets for your gift giving in Tie Your Love.

And, so you’ll have some treats to share with friends, Kelsy Haden bakes up some chocolate chip cookies in Baking with Kelsy.

Show: Fitness on the Go
Producer/Host: Nickolas Mayfield
Director: Taiylor Jordan
Set Designer: Joseph Gennusa

Show: Tie Your Love
Producer/Host: Rachel Jost
Director: Brandon Griffin
Set Designer: Emily Sparks

Show: Baking with Kelsy
Producer/Host: Kelsy Haden
Director: Courtney Rutledge
Set Designer: Taylor Stewart

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Day 3: Braiding, Wraps, and Ornaments

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 3: November 30, 2017

Lots of fashion tips today.

Kayla Turner shows you how to braid hair in A Braiding Tutorial.

And if you don’t have time to braid your hair, Aji Sakho demonstrates how to use scarves to create beautiful head wraps in Wraps to Go.

Ivory Good helps launch the holiday season in her show Outstanding Ornaments.

Show: A Braiding Tutorial
Producer/Host: Kayla Turner
Director:  Nickolas Mayfield
Set Designer: Brandon Griffin

Show: Wraps on the Go
Producer/Host: Aji Sakho
Director:  Rachel Jost
Set Designer: Courtney Rutledge

Show: Outstanding Ornaments
Producer/Host: Ivory Good
Director:  Kelsy Haden
Set Designer: Chelsea Crain

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Day 2: Crafting, Baking, and Saddling a Horse

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 2: November 28, 2017

Today’s shows feature hosts Taylor Stewart, Taylor Palacios, and Kayla Kettrick.

In our first show, Taylor Stewart demonstrates how easy it is to make a tied blanket in Crafting with Taylor.

Next up, Taylor Palacios makes up a batch of Peanut Butter Banana Cookies in Topp Baking.

And we wrap up, with Kayla Kettrick demonstrating How to Saddle a Horse.

And, yes, there are three Taylors and two Kaylas in my class this semester – Taylor Stewart, Taylor Palacios, and Taiylor Jordan – Kayla Kettrick and Kayla Turner.

Show: Crafting with Taylor
Producer/Host: Taylor Stewart
Director: Kayla Turner
Set Designer: Rachel Jost

Show: Topp Baking
Producer/Host: Taylor Palacios
Director: Aji Sakho
Set Designer: Kelsy Haden

Show: How to Saddle a Horse
Producer/Host: Kayla Kettrick
Director: Ivory Good
Set Designer: Taiylor Jordan


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How-To-Shows Fall ’17: Golf and Pitching Techniques and DYI

by Marsha Little Matthews

November 16, 2017 Shows

MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production’s first 10-minute “how-to-shows” feature tips for sports and DIY.

Chelsea Crain demonstrates how to get the perfect swing in Swinging Your Golf Club for Your Best Shot.  Joseph Gennusa explains how to grip a baseball to throw a variety of pitches in Pitching Grips.  Emily Sparks wraps up with Frugal and Fab, where she demonstrates how to make your own Roman shades.

Show: Swinging Your Golf Club for Your Best Shot
Producer/Host: Chelsea Crain
Director: Taylor Stewart
Set Designer:  Aji Sakho

Show: Pitching Grips
Producer/Host: Joseph Gennusa
Director: Taylor Palacios
Set Designer:  Ivory Good

Show: Frugal and Fab
Producer/Host: Emily Sparks
Director: Kayla Kettrick
Set Designer:  Nickolas Mayfield

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