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“How-to-Shows” Are Back! Christmas Crafts and Crochet

by Marsha Little Matthews

It’s November, and the 10-minute “how-to-shows” for this semester have begun.

In our first show, Joseph Ford demonstrates how to make a simple and easy Christmas house out of graham crackers, colorful candies, and icing.

Then, Ryan Baldridge demonstrates how to get started crocheting. She explains the difference between knitting and crocheting and gets viewers started with a simple potholder pattern.

Creative Designs
Producer/Host: Joseph Ford
Director: Caleb Youngblood
Set Designer: Brady Neely

How to Crochet
Producer/Host: Ryan Baldridge
Director: Jamil Tharp
Set Designer: Jenn Caruthers

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Audio Interviews

by Marsha Little Matthews

This is the first production project for students in MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production. For this assignment students are required to conduct an audio interview that includes natural ambient sound that is related to the interview and include an introduction and closing for the piece. All questions asked the interview subject were to be omitted, but interviewer transitions were permitted, if needed.

Ryan Baldridge Interviews Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson is a concrete salesman at Martin Marietta, located on Old Troup Highway in Tyler, Texas. On a typical day, Robinson begins at two a.m. and coordinates his jobs and clients for the day. Robinson has been in the concrete business for sixteen years and although he did not attend college, has remained dedicated to his job and has worked his way to the top of the company. Robinson’s work hours are anywhere from two a.m. to five p.m., depending on when his clients are scheduled to receive their concrete. Robinson oversees his workers while they pour concrete for customers, and is in charge of customer service with clients as well as relations with other companies. Martin Marietta does anything from small concrete fillings to large jobs for entire organizations or new buildings. Robinson loves his job and enjoys working with his coworkers as well as customers.

Sarah Jo Buchanan Interviews Abigail Marie Buchanan

Abigail Buchanan is a 17-year-old student of homeschooling in the Tyler area community. Along with her love of literature and coffee, she is an impressive pianist. She has been playing piano for the past ten years. Abigail has developed a repertoire from classical piano pieces to covers of Billy Joel and other 1970s/1980s musicians. She also has been an accompanist for the past several of years for a local community choir.

Jenn Caruthers Interviews Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes, more commonly known as “Boston Chris” is the founder of East Texas Friends and Events, a Facebook Group with over 15K members and has worked with ETX Music for the last year. He was a co-host for the ETX Music Awards in 2015 and 2016, and helped to grow the voting polls from 300,000 individual votes to almost half a million in the last year. He promotes for ETX Music year-round, and is the voice for four-month-old podcast, “ETX Rocks” on Podbean. He records podcasts weekly, sometimes more, promoting East Texas musical artists and venues, by having “guests” and now even running ads that local business owners can have aired on his broadcast. We have worked side by side for ETX Music for over a year, just in different formats.

Joseph Ford Interviews Lauren Ford

Lauren Ford is a 25-year-old student at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is an English major.

Karaline Harrell Interviews Sara Register

For my audio interview, I spoke with Sara Register. She is the service manager for Tyler Texas Roadhouse. The interview discusses what it is like to work for Texas Roadhouse and how they give back to the community of Tyler. I chose this for my interview not only because most people do not realize how much Roadhouse does for its guests and greater Tyler community, but also for the sounds. The interview is paired with sounds of employees bustling around, steaks on the grill, and a manager leading a pre-shift type meeting.

Bailey Mayo Interviews Caden Crawford

Caden Crawford is a singer/songwriter from Tyler, Texas. He performs around town with his fiancé, in a band called The Olive Press.

Brady Neely Interviews Josh Langer

Josh Langer is the worship pastor of Community Christian Fellowship Church in Garden Valley/Lindale, Texas, and also heads up CCF ALIVE, the Young Adults ministry housed in the church. I sat down and talked with him about what exactly ALIVE is, and why it is important for the 18-30 year old age group to be a part of this ministry.

Martin Ramirez Interviews Janet Logan

Janet Logan is the operations manager at one of the four Sherwin Williams in Tyler, Texas. She has had many different jobs with the company in the last 26 years and she is aiming for 30 years. She knows almost everything there is to know about paint and she started from the bottom. Sherwin Williams helped her get to where she is today and it is a big part of her life.

Yoleyne Romero Interviews Petra Romero (link will be added soon)

The interview subject I chose was my mother, Petra Romero. She allowed me to interview and record her partaking in one of her favorite hobbies, which is cooking. When she was an adolescent and still living in Mexico with her family, she used to watch her mother cook all of the time. Although my grandmother did not teach her how to put dishes together step by step, my mother was able to pick up cooking fairly easily and at the age of 15 began recreating her mother’s dishes. Ever since then Petra has never stopped cooking or trying new recipes, and has garnered a handful of favorites from my siblings and me. Naturally, coming to the United States offered vastly different palettes and ingredients to work with, so my mother was able to try her hand at a variety of dishes. Some of her favorite non-traditionally Hispanic dishes to cook include omelets, thanksgiving fixings, and lasagna. For our interview, Petra cooked crispy chicken flautas and guacamole from scratch.

Jamil Tharp Interviews Allyson Dernehl

Allyson Dernehl, is from Sugar Land, Texas. She is an outside hitter for the volleyball team at The University of Texas at Tyler. Allyson says she is very passionate about the game and loves being a part of a team.

Nick Shelley Interviews Brandon Welborn

Kayla Turner Interviews Barniyia Medlock

Emily Wheeler Interviews Audrie Stacey

Audrie Stacey was my interview subject. She drove about two hours to Dallas to go see the premier of the new Beatles documentary, “Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years”. The film was showing in theaters for one night only, therefore, it attracted quite a crowd. People of all ages traveled from near and far just to see this documentary and experience something new in the Beatle world.

Caleb Youngblood Interviews Adam Rash

For my audio interview project, I decided to go to the Foundry Coffee House, which is located in downtown Tyler, Texas. They have a lively atmosphere, and there are always interesting sounds of music, coffee grinding, milk steamers, and, of course, pleasant conversation. When I first arrived at the location, I got recordings of the traffic and bustle, then moved inside to create a sound of transition. For the interview, I asked Adam Rash, a barista, if he would be willing to be the interviewee. He complied, and we discussed on record various aspects of his job, what he enjoys most about it, and how he became a barista. After five to ten minutes of discussion, I went around the coffee shop and recorded different sounds happening.



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Making Iced Coffee, Science of Playdough, and Cooking for One… How-to-Shows in the Kitchen

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 2 – Spring 2016 How-to-Shows

Abbi Parker shows you how to cut the cost of those expensive coffee-house treats by making delicious iced coffee at home in How to Make Iced Coffee.

Andrew King makes up a batch of fun gelatin playdough The Science Dude.

And, Jake Hanson wraps up the day’s shows with a delicious chicken recipe in Cooking for One.

Show: How to Make Iced Coffee
Producer/Host: Abbi Parker
Director: Lily Dorsey
Set Designer: Nathan Wright

Show: The Science Dude
Producer/Host: Andrew King
Director: Jonathan French
Set Designer: Ashlynn Bostick

Show: Cooking for One
Producer/Host: Jake Hanson
Director: Jason Weed
Set Designer: Hunter Bennett

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Making Ceramics and Easy Hacks… 10-Minute Shows Return

by Marsha Little Matthews

It’s that time of the semester when the 10-minute “how-to-shows” return. This spring the students in MCOM 2313 Introduction to Multimedia Production will produce 13 shows.

Megan Brewer demonstrates how to make a decorative ceramic clay vase in Making Ceramic Art. Taylor Chamlee shows a quick and easy “hack” for making cute tutus and crowns for children in her show Royal Hacks.

Show: Making Ceramic Art
Producer/Host: Megan Brewer
Director: Andrew King
Set Designer: Jason Weed

Show: Royal Hacks
Producer/Host: Taylor Chamlee
Director: Jake Hanson
Set Designer: Abraham Samyano


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Football Gear and Fall Treats… the Final Fall 2015 How-to-Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

Thursday, December 10, the students in MCOM 2313.001 Multimedia Production wrapped up their final two how-to-shows for the semester.

Patrick Cunningham demonstrates on model Kyle Broussard how to properly suit up in football gear in Friday Night Lights. Emily Gage wraps up with a quick, easy and tasty pumpkin dip recipe in Fall Treats with Emily.

Show: Friday Night Lights
Producer/Host: Patrick Cunningham
Director: Dylan Cook
Set Designer: Tyler Campbell

Show: Fall Treats with Emily
Producer/Host: Emily Gage
Director: Allison Reid
Set Designer: Amanda Cirigliano

It’s been a busy semester, and the students have learned and accomplished much. Love teaching this class and watching the students reach this point. Now, they move to the more advanced news and public relations production classes.

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