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Football Gear and Fall Treats… the Final Fall 2015 How-to-Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

Thursday, December 10, the students in MCOM 2313.001 Multimedia Production wrapped up their final two how-to-shows for the semester.

Patrick Cunningham demonstrates on model Kyle Broussard how to properly suit up in football gear in Friday Night Lights. Emily Gage wraps up with a quick, easy and tasty pumpkin dip recipe in Fall Treats with Emily.

Show: Friday Night Lights
Producer/Host: Patrick Cunningham
Director: Dylan Cook
Set Designer: Tyler Campbell

Show: Fall Treats with Emily
Producer/Host: Emily Gage
Director: Allison Reid
Set Designer: Amanda Cirigliano

It’s been a busy semester, and the students have learned and accomplished much. Love teaching this class and watching the students reach this point. Now, they move to the more advanced news and public relations production classes.

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Sharp Jeans, Gooey Cake, and Bicycle Repair… A Variety of How-to-Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

December 3, 2015 Shows

Thursday, December 3 was the next to the last day of production of this semester’s MCOM 2313.001 Multimedia Production “how-to-shows.”

Ever wonder what the secret is to getting that sharp crease in you jeans? Martin Rodriguez shares the secret in Your Jeans Look Sharp!.  Host Nick Rackley shares his “secret” recipe in State of the Kitchen. And LouAnna Campbell makes sure you know how to fix your bicycle’s flat tire in Cycling Today.

Show: Your Jeans Look Sharp!
Producer/Host: Martin Rodriguez
Director: Emily Gage
Set Designer: Allison Reid

Show: State of the Kitchen
Producer/Host: Nick Rackley
Director: Michaela Ellis
Set Designer: David Jimenez

Show: Cycling Today
Producer/Host: LouAnna Campbell
Director: Raffaella Gullo
Set Designer: Kayla Bright


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Lawn Equipment Repair, Fitness, and Food… More How-to-Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

December 1, 2015 Shows

The class was busy producing three more how-to-shows before taking off for Thanksgiving Break.

Daisy Valle helps you get ready for the holidays in her show Fast Fitness. Kyle Broussard shows you how to change the belt on your lawn mower deck and more in Lawn Equipment Repair. And Audrey Dukes teaches you how to make crepes in In the Kitchen with Audrey.

Show: Fast Fitness
Producer/Host: Daisy Valle
Director: Nick Rackley
Set Designer: Michaela Ellis

Show: Lawn Equipment Repair
Producer/Host: Kyle Broussard
Director: LouAnna Campbell
Set Designer: Raffaella Gullo

Show: In the Kitchen with Audrey
Producer/Host: Audrey Dukes
Director: Patrick Cunningham
Set Designer: Dylan Cook

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Coffee, Dessert, and Valentines… Lovely How-to-Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

November 19, 2015 Shows

Three more “how-to-shows” were produced November 19 by MCOM 2313.001 Multimedia Production. Kayla Bright demonstrates how to make cake pops in her show Simply Desserts.  Amanda Cirigliano shows how easy it is to make drip coffee at home in Your Favorite Coffee at Home. And Tyler Campbell shows you how to make valentines in Making Valentines.

Show: Simply Desserts
Producer/Host: Kayla Bright
Director: Kyle Broussard
Set Designer: LouAnna Campbell

Show: Your Favorite Coffee at Home
Producer/Host: Amanda Cirigliano
Director: Martin Rodriguez
Set Designer: Emily Gage

Show: Making Valentines
Producer/Host: Tyler Campbell
Director: Audrey Dukes
Set Designer: Patrick Cunningham

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Monkey Bread, Latin Cuisine, and Crafts for Giving… the How-to-Shows Day 2

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 2 – MCOM 2313 Introduction to Multimedia Production Section 1

Dylan Cook shares his mom’s recipe for Monkey Bread in So You Think You Can Cook. David Jimenez demonstrates how to make Horchata, a traditional Latin beverage in Latin Kitchen with David Jimenez. And, Allison Reid shares the secrets of Mod Podge crafting in Crafting Central.

Show: So You Think You Can Cook
Producer/Host: Dylan Cook
Director: Tyler Campbell
Set Designer: Audrey Dukes

Show: Latin Kitchen with David Jimenez
Producer/Host: David Jimenez
Director: Daisy Valle
Set Designer: Nick Rackley

Show: Crafting Central
Producer/Host: Allison Reid
Director: Amanda Cirigliano
Set Designer: Martin Rodriguez

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