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Day 5 – Let’s Get Organized and Relax with Homemade Sugar Scrubs

by Marsha Little Matthews

It’s hard to believe, but this is our last production day for the semester. Chelsey Pryor demonstrates how to make inexpensive items to help students get organized in Organization Made Easy. And Cheyanne Clay wraps it all up by showing how to make sugar scrubs for your face and your feet in Beauty Products at Home.

Show: Organization Made Easy
Producer/Host: Chelsey Pryor
Director: Amy Yates
Set Designer: Troy Thomason

Show: Beauty Product at Home
Producer/Host: Cheyanne Clay
Director: Mary Margaret Adkisson
Set Designer: Ruben Espiricueta

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Day 4 – Muffins, Sushi, and Origami

by Marsha Little Matthews

The shows for Day 4 feature food and crafts. Cheyenne Morvan mixes up some tasty cakes in Miss Morvan’s Muffins. Erika Anderson demonstrates an easy way to prepare sushi in Cooking for Company. And Zach Lester shows you how to make origami in Procrastination Crafts.

Show: Miss Morvan’s Muffins
Producer/Host: Cheyenne Morvan
Director: Chelsey Pryor
Set Designer: Mary Margaret Adkisson

Show: Cooking for Company
Producer/Host: Erika Anderson
Director: Cheyanne Clay
Set Designer: Hannah Fletcher

Show: Procrastination Crafts
Producer/Host: Zach Lester
Director: Sarah Wood
Set Designer: Kacie Windham

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Sauces, Enchiladas, and Rice Toss Bag Toys … Day 3 of the How-to-Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 3 of the final studio shows for MCOM 2313 Introduction to Multimedia Production features two cooking shows and one craft show.

Ruben Espiricueta shows you how to make enchiladas in Casa Espiricueta.  Maya Foster adds to the tasty eats as she demonstrates how to create four sauces in her show Cooking on a Budget. Lexie Hanson wraps up with DIY Crafts. You’ll learn an easy way to make rice-filled toss toys.

Show: Casa Espiricueta
Producer/Host: Ruben Espiricueta
Director: Cheyenne Morvan
Set Designer: Cheyanne Clay

Show: Cooking on a Budget
Producer/Host: Maya Foster
Director: Erika Anderson

Set Designer: Sarah Wood

Show:  DIY Crafts
Producer/Host: Lexie Hanson

Director: Zach Lester
Set Designer: Amy Yates


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Lots of Good Eats…Pancake Art, Candy Apple Salad, and Smoothies

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day two of the spring’s 10-minute shows produced lots of good eats. Hannah Fletcher demonstrates how to make breakfast fun by making pancake art in Cooking Creatively. Kacie Windham creates a lovely (and tasty) candy apple salad in Nutrition Kitchen. And Troy Thomason shows you healthy ingredients to make a green smoothie in Smoothie Central.

Show: Cooking Creatively
Producer/Host: Hannah Fletcher
Director: Ruben Espiricueta
Set Designer: Erika Anderson

Show: Nutrition Kitchen
Producer/Host: Kacie Windham
Director: Maya Foster
Set Designer: Zach Lester

Show: Smoothie Central
Producer/Host: Troy Thomason
Director: Lexie Hanson
Set Designer: Chelsey Pryor

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Smoothies, No Bake Cake, and Grape Salad… A Yummy How-to-Show Kickoff

Marsha Little Matthews

April 7 was the first day of this semester’s final studio production projects for MCOM 2313 Multimedia Production. These 10-minute “live-to-recording” studio shows are produced, directed, designed, and crewed by the students in MCOM 2313.

Sarah Wood shows you how to make a delicious and healthy smoothie in “Clean Eats.” Amy Yates demonstrates how to make a rich, tasty no-bake dessert featuring Oreo cookies in “Not Cooking with Amy.” And Mary Margaret Adkisson wraps up the day’s shows with her grandmother’s recipe for “Grape Salad.”

Show: Clean Eats
Producer/Host: Sarah Wood
Director: Hannah Fletcher
Set Designer: Maya Foster

Show: Not Cooking with Amy
Producer/Host: Amy Yates
Director: Kacie Windham
Set Designer: Lexie Hanson

Show: Grape Salad

Producer/Host: Mary Margaret Adkisson
Director: Troy Thomason
Set Designer: Cheyenne Morvan

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