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Audio Interviews – New Mom, Hurricane Aid, Ranching, Video Gaming, and More

by Marsha Little Matthews

September 25, 2017

The students in Section 1 of MCOM 2313 Introduction to Multimedia Production completed their first audio interviews. The assignment required the edited interview be between 01:00 and 02:00 minutes in length, interview with someone about something he/she does, include ambient/natural sound related to the topic of the interview, include an interviewer intro and outtrow, and edit out the interview questions.

Here are some of the interviews:

Chelsea Crain Interviews Jessica Brown

  • My subject for my interview is my sister. She is witty, smart and has the biggest heart, not to mention she is my best friend. Jessica is 30 years old and works full-time at The University of Texas at Tyler as the Marketing Coordinator for The College of Business and Technology. She talks about all the things she read and heard and how all of that changed the moment she saw her baby for the first time. She has a great way of pulling you in and sharing how she has adjusted to being a new mom in comparison to everything she planned and thought it would be. It has truly changed her life and you can tell that just by the tone in her voice.

Kelsy Haden Interviews Madison Secrest

  • The person I interviewed was Madison Secrest. She is 19 years old and is currently attending the University of Texas at Tyler studying to be a nurse. She grew up playing soccer and creating art. In high school, she was a part of the IB art program at her school. She played her freshman year on the University of Texas at Tyler Women’s Soccer Team.

Yosef Ibitayo Interviews Will Bowden

  • I interviewed William “Will” Bowden, the current associate director for the Baptist Student Ministry on the UT Tyler campus. The audio captured in this sound clip is Mr. Bowden discussing his experiences this past weekend, during his time helping the Cajun Army, a disaster-relief group from Louisiana, as he and other volunteers helped to “gut” houses in the Port Neches area following the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

Taiylor Jordan Interviews Ara Podesta

  • Ara is a first-year Pharmacy student. She is originally from the Philippines but she migrated to the U.S. a few years ago. Her family is supportive of her aspirations and encouraged her to study Pharmacy. Her favorite food is rice. In the Philippines that is a staple food; it is the main dish and also a side dish prepared to go with other food.

Rachel Jost Interviews Henry Jost

  • For my Audio Storytelling interview I featured Henry Jost. He is an 86-year-old who has been playing guitar since he was 13. I asked him questions about how he got started and what got him interested in music. He then played three different songs for me. HE got a little emotional during the interview and if you listen close enough you can hear his voice change trying to hold back tears. It was a fun project to do with my grandpa because I have never really talked to him about his love for music before.

Kayla Kettrick Interviews Justin Matejka

  • I interviewed Justin Matejka, ranch manager of Neches River Ranch. He speaks about what inspired him to become a cowboy and work his way up on a ranch and eventually becoming the ranch manager that he is today. He describes some of the things he does on a day-t0-day basis on the job and the animals he uses to herd his cattle such as dogs and horses. He tells us what he loves about his job and why it is his passion.

Taylor Palacios Interviews Dave Funk

  • Dave Funk is the Director of the Honors Program at Tyler Junior College and a Professor teaching Ceramics. He has a graduate degree in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics from Utah State University and has been at TJC for 6 years. He is dedicated to his profession and takes pride in his opportunity to share his love of ceramics with his students.

Emily Sparks Interviews Cameron French

  • Cameron French is a Journeyman Lineman. He started linework about 7 years ago starting in the oil field. Cameron started at the lowest position in the field, a ground hand, and now he has become a licensed Journeyman Lineman. In his career Cameron has been a first responder to many hurricanes that have hit the US. He went to New Jersey after hurricane Sandy, to Florida after hurricane Mathew, and most recently in his home state to restore power after hurricane Harvey.

Taylor Stewart Interviews Brice Winters

  • Brice Winter is a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Trinity Valley Community College. His love for sports and helping people led him to this career path. One day he hopes to work for a Major League Baseball team as one of their Athletic Trainers. His motivation and drive should one day get him to that point.

Vince Tobin Interviews Seth Dickens

  • Seth Dickens is a student at Tyler Junior College. He talks about playing video games and college, how frequently he plays video games while in college, and his opinion on the correlation of academic success and video game participation. He plays video games about 6 hours per day, and around 30 hours per week.

Kayla Turner Interviews Denzel Waller

  • Denzel Waller is a host, event planner, and entertainer. He is a very outgoing and motivated individual who is really focused on his future and goals. He believes in never giving up and finishing every task he starts. He is determined and works on becoming the best being he can be daily.



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Guacamole! and more Baking! Wrapping up How-to-Shows for 2016

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 5 – More Recipes – December 8, 2016

Emily Wheeler shows how to make a delicious Apple Crumble in Baking with Emily.

Then Yoleyne Romero wraps up our Fall 2016 How-to-Shows with her recipe for Holy Guacamole!

This wraps of the final project shows for MCOM 2313 – Section 1 for the fall 2016 semester.

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Show: Baking with Emily
Producer/Host: Emily Wheeler
Director: Ryan Baldridge
Set Designer: Karaline Harrell

Show: Holy Guacamole!
Producer/Host: Yoleyne Romero
Director: Bailey Mayo
Set Designer: Martin Ramirez


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Holiday Decorating, Sweet Treats, and Hair Tutorial – Wow Day 4 How-to-Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 4  –  10-Minute How-to-Shows – Dec. 6, 2016

Today’s shows kick off the holiday season with Holiday on the Cheap, hosted by Jenn Caruthers.

Next, Sarah Jo Buchanan offers up some food for the season in Sweet Treats with SJ.

Kayla Turner wraps up our shows with Hair Detangling Tutorial.

Show: Holiday on the Cheap
Producer/Host: Jenn Caruthers
Director: Emily Wheeler
Set Designer: Bailey Mayo

Show: Sweet Treats with SJ
Producer/Host: Sarah Jo Buchanan
Director: Yoleyne Romero
Set Designer: Caleb Youngblood

Show: Hair Detangling Tutorial
Producer/Host: Kayla Turner
Director: Joseph Ford
Set Designer: Jamil Tharp

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Cookies, Ceviche, and Soldering Wire – How-to-Shows Day 3

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 3 10-Minute How-to-Shows – Dec. 1, 2016

Karaline Harrell cooks up a batch of cookies in Cooking with Karaline

Martin Ramirez follows with his cooking show, Cevicheand walks you through the easy steps of making this delicious dish – just in time for the holidays.

In our third show, Soldering 101musician and mass communication student Brady Neely shows you the basics of repairing audio cable connectors.

Show: Cooking with Karaline
Producer/Host: Karaline Harrell
Director: Jenn Caruthers
Set Designer: Yoleyne Romero

Show: Ceviche
Producer/Host: Martin Ramirez
Director: Sarah Jo Buchanan
Set Designer: Joseph Ford

Show: Soldering 101
Producer/Host: Brady Neely
Director: Kayla Turner
Set Designer: Ryan Baldridge


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Crafting, Magic, and Fun Recipes… Day 2 10-Minute Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 2 – 10-Minute How-to-Shows – 11-29-2016

In our first show, Bailey Mayo shows you how to make art projects with crayons in her show Crafting with Bailey.

Next, Caleb Youngblood introduces you to some of the secrets behind the trick in Magic at Hand.

And then, Jamil Tharp demonstrates how to make usable cups with hard candies in Fun Recipes with Jamil.

Show: Crafting with Bailey
Producer/Host: Bailey Mayo
Director: Karaline Harrell
Set Designer: Sarah Jo Buchanan 

Show: Magic at Hand

Producer/Host: Caleb Youngblood
Director: Martin Ramirez
Set Designer: Kayla Turner

Show: Fun Recipes with Jamil

Producer/Host: Jamil Tharp
Director: Brady Neely
Set Designer: Emily Wheeler


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