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Spooky Cake, Lattes, and Puppy Chow – 10-Minute Shows Return

December 2, 2019

by Marsha Little Matthews

The Fall 2019 final project How-to-Shows for MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production kicked off Tuesday, November 19, 2019 and featured three cooking-themed shows.

The first show was Spooky Cake, produced and hosted by Tatyana Bauer. Tatyana demonstrates how to take a basic cake mix and turn it into a Halloween party treat.

The second show was Creating a Latte, produced and hosted by Ryan Huddle. Ryan shares his experience making lattes to introduce you to the basics of making your own special brew.

The final show for the day was How to Make Puppy Chow, produced and hosted by Keanna Jenkins. Now before you run to get your puppy to watch, Keanna shows you how to may “puppy chow” for humans as a party mix. You’ll have fun making and eating this chow.

Show:  Spooky Cake
Producer/Host:  Keanna Jenkins
Director:  Hannah Sanders
Set Designer:  Zack Walters

Show:  Creating a Latte
Producer/Host:  Ryan Huddle
Director:  Taylor Medlin
Set Designer:  Jennifer Vela

Show:   How to Make Puppy Chow
Producer/Host:  Keanna Jenkins
Director:  Mack Shaw
Set Designer:  Moria Yancy

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Day 5: Bracelets, Basketball, and Baking

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 5: The three Bs for the holidays. Gifts, sports, and food – all right!

Wondering what to give your friends for the upcoming holidays? Sarah Day shows how in Bracelet Making for Friends.

Always wanted to join your friends and family in that friendly basketball pickup game, but weren’t sure you could compete? Montee Randle shows you the secret to it all in Dribbling a Basketball.

Family and friends getting together for a pot luck party? What should you bring that no one else will make? Stay tuned for Baleigh Thurman’s baking surprise in Cooking with BAE.

Bracelet Making for Friends
Producer/Host: Sarah Day
Director: Caitlin Cook
Set Designer: Sam Quine

Dribbling a Basketball
Producer/Host: Montee Randle
Director: Cooper Adams
Set Designer: Colten Sneed

Cooking with BAE
Producer/Host: Baleigh Thurman
Director: Markenya Morton
Set Designer: Graysen Reid


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Day 3: Chocolate Banana Bread, Building a Gundam, and Skin Care

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 3 of our final project “how-to-shows”…. sweets… model building…. beautiful skin….

Allison White kicks off the trio with Banana Bread for Beginners. She shares her grandmother’s recipe for chocolate banana bread. Even if you don’t like banana bread, you’ll love this one… at least that’s what our production crew reported.

Justin Jones will show you How to Build a Gundam (and what it is, in case you don’t know). He loves building these tiny models, and now you may want to try it, too.

Jerri White shares her knowledge and personal regime for skin care in Your Dermis is ShowingGreat tips and easy to add to any skin care routine.

Banana Bread for Beginners
Producer/Host: Allison White
Director: Taiya Bean
Set Designer: Baleigh Thurman

How to Build a Gundam
Producer/Host: Justin Jones
Director: Ivey Soriano
Set Designer: Kayla Grimsley

Your Dermis is Showing
Producer/Host: Jerri White
Director: Sarah Day
Set Designer: Caitlin Cook

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10-Minute Shows! Tea, Shea Butter, and Travel Tips

by Marsha Little Matthews

The final project 10-Minute-How-to-Shows for section 1 of MCOM 2313 Introduction to Multimedia Production kicked off November 15.

Cooper Adams demonstrates how to make a perfect cup of tea in “Tea Time” I’ve tried his tips and found my cup of tea does taste better.

Next up, Markenya Morton lets you in on how to make “Shea Butter for You”. The secret is out, just in time for Christmas gifting.

And Daniel Hernandez wraps up with “BRIEF Case on Luggage”. I can’t wait to try out his tips on packing a suitcase for carry-on with more clothes than I’ve ever thought about taking.

Stay tuned… More shows Tuesday, November 27, and Thursday, November 29!!!!

Show: Tea Time
Producer:  Cooper Adams
Director:  Colten Sneed
Set Designer: Jerri White

Show: Shea Butter for You
Producer:  Markenya Morton
Director:  Graysen Reid
Set Designer:  Kolt Casey

Show: BRIEF Case on Luggage
Producer:  Daniel Hernandez
Director: Allison White

Set Designer: Taiya Bean


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Day 5: Brownies, Clean Sneakers, and Crafts

by Marsha Little Matthews

Day 5: December 7, 2017

Last day of this fall’s 10-minute how-to-shows for MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production.

Hungry? Taiylor Jordan demonstrates her take on brownies in Baking with Taiylor.

Got dirty sneakers? Brandon Griffin shows you how to make them look like new in Clean Your Sneakers.

Need some inexpensive and easy crafts for your kids? Courtney Rutledge shows a simple craft in Kraftz 4 Kidz.

Show: Baking with Taiylor
Producer/Host: Taiylor Jordan
Director: Chelsea Crain
Set Designer: Taylor Palacios

Show: Clean Your Sneakers
Producer/Host: Brandon Griffin
Director: Joseph Gennusa
Set Designer: Kayla Kettrick

Show: Kraftz 4 Kidz
Producer/Host: Courtney Rutledge
Director: Emily Sparks
Set Designer: Kayla Turner

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