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Audio Interviews – Fall 2019


by Marsha Little Matthews

The students in MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production just completed their first production assignment. Each student was assigned to conduct an interview. The parameters: the story must be between 1:00-2:00 minutes long, the story must have an inherent sound effect related to the subject of the story, the student must voice an intro and an outtrow for the story, the story must have a beginning-middle-and-end, good audio levels, and signed talent release.

Here are the results of their first efforts at recording and editing audio.

  • Tatyana Bauer Interviews LeBron BauerLeBron Bauer is a 6th grade football player who is in love with the sport. Bauer has been playing football since the young age of 4 and since hasn’t stopped. He dreams of playing college ball for Alabama and then further his career and play in the NFL where he doesn’t have a team preference because he thinks no matter what team he’s on he will be grateful. He explains how important the game is to him and how his position on the field helps himself and the team be successful.
  • Meagan Everrett Interviews Blake EverrettI interviewed Blake Everett for my audio interview. He is currently a freshman at LeTourneau University and is a business major. He was previously the basketball manager for the men’s team at Spring Hill High school. After excelling in the position, he was recruited to continue as manager for the LeTourneau Men’s basketball team. He takes stats during games, along with other responsibilities. Blake enjoys the family the team has become to him.
  • Patricia Garcia Interviews Marha CainMarhra Cain, age 28, is known for her humor, kind heart, and hard work ethics. During the day, Marhra is a County Clerk for the Henderson County Justice of the Peace. In the afternoons, she is a carhop at the Sonic Drive in at Malakoff. You may think her day is busy enough, but she is also a mom of two kids. However, whenever she does happen to have a free day, she enjoys cooking, shopping, and playing with her kids. As if all of that wasn’t enough, she plans on going back to college next spring and getting a degree in Criminal Justice. This is Marhra Cain’s Sonic story. This is where it all started for her.
  • Jacob Hardin Interviews Maya FosterMaya Foster is my talent for this interview. Maya is my friend who works at The Foundry coffee shop in Tyler. Maya grew up around coffee and found a great sense of community within coffee shops. She has a great desire to make everyone feel welcome and valued. She uses her job and outlet through coffee to reach people and connect with them in that way. She is very passionate and intentional with everyone she encounters and values the experience she has had within the coffee business over the years.
  • Keanna Jenkins Interviews Macie RogerI interviewed Macie Roger, a barber in Henderson, Texas. She explains how she became a barber, not by choice, but because she needed a stable job that could help support her and her family consisting of her husband and four children. She and her husband, Josh, hope to own the barbershop they both work in within the next two years. She loves what she does and finds it enjoyable because she gets to meet new people everyday and stay in the loop of all the new trends and styles in the hair industry.
  • Taylor Medlin Interviews Cecil Kennedy
  • Margo Moore Interviews Lexie TerryLexie Terry is 20 years old. She started dancing at a very young age and hasn’t stopped since. Her grandmother, mom, and older sister where all dancers. Lexie’s mom put her in dance classes, and she’s loved dancing ever since. So much so that, she continued dancing in college. For the last two years, she danced on an internationally famous drill team called, The Apache Belles, at Tyler Junior College. Lexie believes pursuing dance in college was one of the best decisions of her life. She danced practically her entire life, so naturally, upon finishing Apache
    • Belles, she “was in a disarray” at the end of her dancing career. She then decided to use what she
    • learned to help shape future dancers. Lexie recently became a dance teacher at Dance-N-Drill in Tyler. Now, she can continue dancing and possibly change the lives of children the way dance has changed her life.
  • Hannah Sanders Interviews Clark GabelClark was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He has done many things in his life. He travelled the US teaching kids the importance of speech and eloquence, he travelled to China and Brazil spreading the word of Christ, he lived in Alaska and worked for a seaplane company, and he has been a videographer for a studio here in Tyler, Texas. Clark decided to stay in Tyler and to continue to work as a team member at Chick-fil-a on Troup Highway. He desires to one day work at corporate Chick-fil-a as a videographer and to produce
    • commercials and videos for this company. His hobbies include rock climbing, hanging out with his fiancée, and getting crafty with his wood working skills. The story highlights his time in the company of Chick-fil-a.
  • Mack Shaw Interviews Caitlyn CoxCaitlyn is a Tyler resident and UT Tyler student. She has been playing piano since childhood, and started writing her own music years ago. Caitlyn draws influence from her own family, as well as professional musicians like Yoyo Ma. She composes her songs as a way to relieve stress, and plans on keeping music as a hobby rather than trying to make it a profession.
  • Jennifer Vela Interviews Baldomero VelaThe person I interviewed was my dad. He is a chemical engineer. He has been in this field for almost 30 years. His career started off in the company of Akra Fibras Quimicas, located in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, when he was 24 years old. After working there for almost 18 years, he was transferred to DAKAmericas in North Carolina, and is now currently in Longview, TX at Westlake Chemical Corporation in the olefines division.
  • Mikaela Williams Interviews Debra Daughtery CaseMy interview subject was my grandmother, Debra Daugherty Case. Debra was born in 1952 in Magnolia, Ohio. She is the mother of 4 kids, and the grandmother to a dozen others. Our family is quite big, and nothing is quite as filling as spaghetti and meatballs. For as long as I can remember, anytime we had spaghetti at my grandmother’s house it was always her homemade sauce and burnt bread (a story for another time) being served. So, I decided I was going to kill two birds with one stone and find out both the history behind the recipe and the recipe itself.
  • Moriah Yancy Interviews Lila SleightonLila Sleighton is a very experienced, very passionate educator working in Hawkins High School. She spends the majority of her time there teaching both troubled and special education students. In her interview, Lila (or, Miss Lila, as the students call her) goes into great detail about her experience as a teacher at this particular school, and gives her opinion on what should be done in order to improve the education system.

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