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Spooky Cake, Lattes, and Puppy Chow – 10-Minute Shows Return

December 2, 2019

by Marsha Little Matthews

The Fall 2019 final project How-to-Shows for MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production kicked off Tuesday, November 19, 2019 and featured three cooking-themed shows.

The first show was Spooky Cake, produced and hosted by Tatyana Bauer. Tatyana demonstrates how to take a basic cake mix and turn it into a Halloween party treat.

The second show was Creating a Latte, produced and hosted by Ryan Huddle. Ryan shares his experience making lattes to introduce you to the basics of making your own special brew.

The final show for the day was How to Make Puppy Chow, produced and hosted by Keanna Jenkins. Now before you run to get your puppy to watch, Keanna shows you how to may “puppy chow” for humans as a party mix. You’ll have fun making and eating this chow.

Show:  Spooky Cake
Producer/Host:  Keanna Jenkins
Director:  Hannah Sanders
Set Designer:  Zack Walters

Show:  Creating a Latte
Producer/Host:  Ryan Huddle
Director:  Taylor Medlin
Set Designer:  Jennifer Vela

Show:   How to Make Puppy Chow
Producer/Host:  Keanna Jenkins
Director:  Mack Shaw
Set Designer:  Moria Yancy

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Portraits, Cupcakes, and an RC Car… the 10-Minute How-To Shows Return

by Marsha Little Matthews

This fall we have two sections of MCOM 2313 Introduction to Multimedia Production. We began producing the final course projects Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

Each 10-minute show is a “how-to” show written and produced by the host of the show. Each student must produce and host a show, direct another student’s show, and design the set for a third student’s show. In between each student serves as a crew member, rotating through: camera operator (C-1, C-2, and C-3), audio engineer, technical director, character generator operator (responsible for the show title, credits, and other on-screen text), assistant director (responsible for keeping the show on time), floor director (responsible to relaying the director’s cues to the talent), record the show operator, and show announcer.

Here are Tuesday’s shows:

Section 1

Show: Draw a Portrait with Veronica
Producer/Host: Veronica Salvatore
Director: Cecil Armstrong
Set Designer: Seth Gibson

Show: How Do You Cupcake?
Producer/Host: Laryssa Terry
Director: Whitley Crawford
Set Designer: Victoria Vorsas

Show: How to Wire Up an RC Car
Producer/Host: Ryan Robinson
Director: Connor Streit
Set Designer: Latisha Mosley

Section 2

Show: Christmas Crazy Crafts
Producer/Host: Danielle Bruffett
Director: Holly Hooten
Set Designer: Lexie Hanson

Show: Deliciousness
Producer/Host: Jordan Kinney
Director: Matt Raybin
Set Designer: Candyce Henwood

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