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Baking, B-Ball, and Easy DIY’s – How-to-Shows Day 2

December 2, 2019

by Marsha Little Matthews

The second production day for the final projects 10-minute “how-to-shows” featured a variety of demonstrations.

Meagan Everett demonstrates how to make festive Funfettie cupcakes for the holidays in her show Baking with Meagan.

Next, Zack Walters mixes it up for basketball fans and players with tips for the game in his show How to Dribble.

And finally, Jennifer Vela shows you how to make tie dye shirts in her show Easy DIY’s.

Stay tuned: Nine more shows to come!

Show: Baking with Meagan
Producer/Director: Meagan Everett
Director: Jessica Hale
Set Designer: Jacob Hardin

Baking with Meagan – 11/21/2019 – The University of Texas at Tyler

Show: How to Dribble
Producer/Host: Zack Walters
Director: Tatyana Bauer
Set Designer: Margo Moore

How to Dribble – 11/21/2019 – TheUniversity of Texas at Tyler

Show: Easy DIY’s
Producer/Host: Jennifer Vela
Director: Ryan Huddle
Set Designer: Patricia Garcia

Easy DIY’s – 11/21/2019 – The University of Texas at Tyler

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How-To-Shows Fall ’17: Golf and Pitching Techniques and DYI

by Marsha Little Matthews

November 16, 2017 Shows

MCOM 2313.001 Introduction to Multimedia Production’s first 10-minute “how-to-shows” feature tips for sports and DIY.

Chelsea Crain demonstrates how to get the perfect swing in Swinging Your Golf Club for Your Best Shot.  Joseph Gennusa explains how to grip a baseball to throw a variety of pitches in Pitching Grips.  Emily Sparks wraps up with Frugal and Fab, where she demonstrates how to make your own Roman shades.

Show: Swinging Your Golf Club for Your Best Shot
Producer/Host: Chelsea Crain
Director: Taylor Stewart
Set Designer:  Aji Sakho

Show: Pitching Grips
Producer/Host: Joseph Gennusa
Director: Taylor Palacios
Set Designer:  Ivory Good

Show: Frugal and Fab
Producer/Host: Emily Sparks
Director: Kayla Kettrick
Set Designer:  Nickolas Mayfield

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