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Decorating Hair Accessories and Making Focaccia Bread

by Marsha Little Matthews

Today you’ll discover an easy way to glam up your hair clips and headbands and how to make delicious focaccia bread from scratch.

Grace Malone hosts Glamour and Grace where she demonstrates how to design your own hair accessories. Guinevere Everidge hosts Wine and Dine, and demonstrates how easy it is to make your own focaccia bread for that next party.

Show: Glamour and Grace
Host/Producer: Grace Malone
Director: Jason Dougan
Designer: Chris Jones

Show: Wine and Dine
Host/Producer: Guinevere Everidge
Director: Sarah Draper
Designer: Summer Munoz

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Clean Shoes and Origami: Spring How-to Shows

by Marsha Little Matthews

It’s April and that means it’s time for the MCOM 2313 Multimedia Production students to begin producing the 10-minute “live-to-digital” how-to-shows.

This semester’s shows kicked off today with two shows. You’ll learn how to clean those nasty sneakers and sports shoes with host Ani Umana’s Clean Those Shoes Young Fella.

Next, Hannah Root shows you step-by-step how to make an origami crane in How to Make Origami.

We experienced some technical difficulties with Camera 2 during Clean Those Shoes Young Fella, which were corrected before we began the second show. Director Guinevere Everidge did a great recovery when she realized Camera 2 had issues. These are “live” shows, so once the show begins, there’s no stopping.

Multimedia Production is the entry production course in our mass communication major. Students learn how to use all of the field and studio television equipment, how to use the audio lab, create a WordPress blog, setup a Twitter account, and more. Projects include writing and producing a 30 second commercial, which runs during the break for the 10-minute show he/she hosts/produces. Visit some of the student’s blogs found in my blog roll to see some of their other projects for this class.

Show: Clean Those Shoes Young Fella
Host/Producer: Ani Umana
Director: Guinevere Everidge
Designer: Nizia Alam

Show: How to Make Origami
Host/Producer: Hannah Root
Director: Ashleigh Dykes
Designer: Charles Parkes

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Audio Interview Packages Spring 2014

by Marsha Little Matthews

The spring 2014 Multimedia Production students completed their first field produced audio interview stories. The students were required to conduct an interview with an individual, capture ambient/natural sound that supported/located the story, record an introduction and outtrow for the story, and edit the story to no less than 1 minute nor greater than 2 minutes. Reporter questions were to be edited out of the finished package.

This is the first experience recording and editing an audio interview with natural sound for these students.

The students are required to post comments here on the WordPress blog (not on the SoundCloud comments area) for each other’s packages indicating what was done well, and positive suggestions for improvements.

  1. Nizia Alam Interviews Roberto Vazquez
    Roberto Vazquez is a rapper with the rap collective EastWoods. (01:59)
  2. Jason Dougan Interviews Joe Chase
    Joe Chase is the minister at the North Loop Church in Gladewater, Texas. (02:00)
  3. Sarah Draper Interviews Brian SandersBrian Sanders is a musician currently playing for the Jazz Band I and II at Tyler Junior College. He plays piano, drums, classical percussion and jazz, and is learning the guitar. (18:07)
  4. Ashleigh Dykers Interviews She’Cara Humphrey
    She’Cara “Shaq” Humphrey plays basketball for the University of Texas at Tyler. (01:42)
  5. Guinevere Everidge Interviews Courtney Redand
    Courtney Redand tells her story of falling from a roof and breaking her back. (01:59)
  6. Chris Jones Interviews Demarcus Eurine
    Demarcus Eurine is studying Culinary Arts. (02:53)
  7. Charis Malone Interviews Hannah Davidson
    Hannah Davidson talks about her experience of being pregnant with her first child. (01:58)
  8. Summer Munoz Interviews Marianna Ford
    Marianna Ford  talks about her transition from Bolivia to the United States. (03:17)
  9. Charles Parkes Interviews Jennyfer Keohane
    Jennyfer Keohane talks about her nonprofit pit bull rescue shelter. (01:57)
  10. Hannah Root Interviews Winona Parrish
    Winona Parrish, age 97, talks about her life. (02:08)
  11. Ani Umana Interviews Mark Gibson
    Mark Gibson is the assistant football coach at Tyler Junior College.  (01:30)

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Robot Friends, Mini Top Hats, and Dessert – Sounds Like a Party

by Marsha Little Matthews

Section 2 of Multimedia Production produced three shows Tuesday, December 3 that offer up some creative ideas for projects and recipes that you might want to try.

Jordan Driskell shows you the ingredients and how to make his favorite, moist Chocolate Chip German Chocolate Cake in A Dessert for the Soul.

Dillon Row demonstrates how to build a basic remote-controlled robot base in his show Build Your Own Friends.

Need some party favors for New Year’s Eve? Then check out Lauren McGaughey’s show Mini Top Hat Creations.

Show: A Dessert for the Soul
Producer/Host: Jordan Driskell
Director: Amanda Black
Set Designer: Linnet Pichette

Show: Build Your Own Friends
Producer/Host: Dillon Row
Director: Miles Zeorliln
Set Designer: Guinevere Everidge

Show: Mini Top Hat Creations
Producer/Host: Lauren McGaughey
Director: Taylor Valentine
Set Designer: Brooke Moore

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Weight Lifting, Cupcakes, and Tea – A Lovely Combination

by Marsha Little Matthews

The three shows produced by Section 1 Tuesday, December 3, will help you get ready for the Holidays. Learn to decorate cupcakes and prepare a festive tea for all those holiday parties. Then use the weight lifting techniques to reshape your body as one of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Anita Brown shares tips for decorating cupcakes in her show Serendipity Cupcakes: Cupcake Basics.

Linnon Thomas makes a tasty batch of festive tea for those parties, showers, weddings, and other occasions in his show Living with Linnon.

And Kyle Owens demonstrates weight lifting techniques to help you get in shape in his show Lift Right, Live Right.

Show: Serendipity Cupcakes: Cupcake Basics
Producer/Host: Anita Brown
Director: Coshandra Dillard
Set Designer: Jordan Flanagan

Show: Living with Linnon
Producer/Host: Linnon Thomas
Director: Matt Raybin
Set Designer: Carolina Medina

Show: Lift Right, Live Right
Producer/Host: Kyle Owens
Director: Brooke Hoffard
Set Designer: Leslie Reyna

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